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Limited edition CD album in gatefold sleeve, just 300 copies.

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01: Small Voyages.
02: Calculator.
03: Good Luck.
04: The Devil's Kneading Trough.
05: Deathly Vision.
06: Amamateur.
07: Loving Connections.
08: Raising the Ogle Castle.
09: By the Lighthouse.
10: Pillars of Creation.
11: The Shield Shines All Night.
12: The Poet.
13: Light Ark.

The free 'Show Yourself' 3 track download EP:
14: Return.
15: Maria's Clockwork Spirit.
16: Show Yourself.

The 'Show Yourself' EP


Cat. No. un078. __ Edition of: 300.

Our first release of 2010 is the excellent 13 track album 'Small Voyages' from Margate's Neverest Songs.

The album was recorded by Luke Twyman between December 2008 and late 2009 including a trip to New York in Feb '09 to record the piano parts with Rick Warren engineering.

It's a beautiful collection of work featuring piano, guitar, drums, toy piano, theremin, cello, synths and percussion with outstanding vocals.

Each CD also comes with its own unique code to download an additional 3 track EP called 'Show Yourself', so there are 16 tracks here in all (the EP is also included as a hidden bonus with the Bandcamp download).

It's available now as a limited edition in a beautiful gatefold sleeve on Unlabel.