Unlabel February Podcast

Peeling the lid on Unlabel

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Unlabel Podcast - February 2018

With Unhome’s ‘A Short History of Houses’ released through iTunes and Spotify for the first time we revisit the classic album and some of it’s creators solo releases and later projects including Songs of My Lap, Alexander Tucker and Hey Colossus.

Proto Everything Everything ‘ A Modern Bison’ live out their teenage dreams.

Club Giants’ Aidan Taylor fondly recalls Mark E Smith in less than jocular mood.

Our dj and host tries his best to prevent The Spice Girls reunion.

  1. On a Retainer - Club Giants - Live at The Bull & Gate

  2. Cotton Duck - Unhome - A Short History of Houses

  3. PSYOPS (version) - kreol lovecall

  4. Hey, Dead Eyes, Up! - Hey Colossus - In Black & Gold

  5. Of Late - Alexander Tucker - Old Fog

  6. 3am Sweepstake (Part 2) - Hunter's Loaf - We Buy Gold

  7. Battered Cod - A Modern Bison - I Could've Had A Rustic Pagoda

  8. Cut It! - Blurt - Cut It!

  9. Come Swimming (kreol lovecall MIX) - Sweet Williams

  10. Baby Cos I Want To - Songs Of My Lap - Songs For A Child

  11. Crickets & Car Lots - Unhome - A Short History of Houses

  12. Home Dream - Joeyfat - The House of Fat